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Choose high quality raw materials,The nativePPThe new material、PET、PLABiodegradable、AWood pulp paper、Environmental printing ink as raw materials
Conform to the standard products, The independent brand"Float in the sky"The currency market for many years,A brilliant performance
Specializing in the productionAll kinds of packaging products: PPMilk tea plastic cup、PETPlastic cup、Sealing membrane and other kinds of packaging products
The company's development of domestic and international markets The product technology,10Years of production experience,It happened
Senior master printing technology,Products through the quality inspection report as wellSGSCertification,Factories introduce more
Kind of automated production equipment、Automatic packaging machine and so on
It can customize according to customer requirements processing Product quality assurance,The factory owns senior design master,Professional brand
CustomLOGO,The factory owns various model cup type,The development of grinding tool,Meet the needs of customers,Products
Production after pull、Cup、Printing、Packaging is strictly required
To the customer requestGive quick feedback,And reply within one working day or address customer needs;
Professional r&d team
Professional technologyEngineerThe team;
Equipped with professionalAfter-sales service equipment;
Technical cooperationSolve the problem。
Regarding the float in the sky
Dongguan feiyang packaging products co., LTD. Is a milk tea cup variety complete one of integrated packaging products manufacturing enterprises,
Was established2012Years ,Stick to it“Good quality,Good word of mouth”。The company owns shantou chuangyang plastic
Material products co., LTD,With its strength and technology,Continuous improvement、Innovation,As well as the modern automatic production
Workshop,Scope of business is:Packaging products、Paper products、Plastic products、Advertising material;Packaging design;Engaged in
Import and export of goods、Technology import and export business...
Independent factory Delivery fast Quality assurance
Dongguan feiyang packing products co., LTD

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How to select good paper cups in daily life?
To look at:When choosing disposable paper cups,Don't just see color paper cups
  White is not white,Do not think that the color white is more health...
How to pick a one-off plastic cup?
Product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer、Address、
  The execution of the standard products、The production date、The period of validity, etc...
Inferior paper cup what are the potential harm?
Some paper cups manufacturers in order to make the cup look whiter,
  Joined the fluorescent whitening agent,This kind of material can make the cells...
Specializing in the production of various types of packaging products:PPMilk tea plastic cup、PETPlastic cup、Milk tea/Coffee cups、All kinds of automatic sealing film,Color independent straw and other kinds of packaging products
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